MLG Dietitian Network

Our approach is multidisciplinary. We work closely with other (para) medical disciplines, such as the physiotherapist and the GP’s practice assistant. That way we can offer you the best care. To keep the lines short, we are located at general practices and health centers.

Our Vision: 

Enjoying food. That is central to the MLG dietitian network. Even if you are sick or follow a difficult diet. We listen to your wishes and possibilities and together we look for a plan for a healthy lifestyle. A plan that is feasible and works.

  • Relaxation and Recovery

  • Rehabilitation Medicine

  • Natural Beauty

  • Face and Body Treatments


At the first consultation you will talk to your dietician. You submit your question or share your wishes. Together we formulate achievable objectives. During the process that follows, you are in control. The dietician coaches and supports. It is there to make changes possible and to come up with creative solutions. We work decisively on the basis of respect, trust and pleasure, resulting in a healthy lifestyle and quality of life.


We strive for good cooperation with other (para) medical disciplines. We are in contact with physical therapists, for example about exercise programs and we have close consultation with your doctor’s practice assistant. We also offer treatments within the chain care

Mary Evans
Mary Evans
Mary Evans is a dietitian, sports dietitian and co-owner of MLG Dietitian Network. Her work focuses on coaching, enjoying food and quality of life. This means customized work and close cooperation with other healthcare providers and with you as a client. Optimistic, empathetic, entrepreneurial, driven and decisive.
Andrea Harrison
Andrea Harrison
Andrea is a (child) dietician and co-owner of MLG Dietician Network. Children’s dietetics has its special attention. For example, it offers support to difficult eaters and children with overweight, allergies or growth retardation. She also provides nutritional advice before, during and after pregnancy and when breastfeeding.
Debra Dickens
Debra Dickens
Debra is an all-round dietitian. From malnutrition to overweight, everyone can turn to her for good nutritional advice. She also treats various chronic conditions. She knows from experience that it is difficult to keep on weight and as a mother of two teenagers she knows what families are up against.


“If you want to relax, watch the clouds pass by if you’re laying on the grass, or sit in front of the creek; just doing nothing and having those still moments is what really rejuvenates the body…”