Go on Yoga

Where Yoga used to have a dull image, it is now seen as hip and especially relaxing. It is becoming increasingly popular. There is something for everyone: there are different types of Yoga to follow. You can opt for calm Yin-Yoga, but also active Power-Yoga is possible. Take a trial lesson and see if this activity is for you. At most yoga schools you can follow a free trial lesson. Also make sure that the yoga school works with a membership or a cutting card. The advantage of a membership is that you pay a fixed amount every month, whether you come or not. This can be a stick for following the yoga class every week. A punch card has the advantage that you only pay for the lessons that you are actually present. That way you don’t pay too much.

Cycle daily

Almost everyone in the Netherlands does have a bicycle. One uses it for commuting, the other only in the village. Another person prefers beautiful trips with it or takes the bike on vacation. Whatever a bicycle is used for: everyone can do it. If you do not use your bike often, try to cycle every day. This is how you build up your fitness so that you can take a nice bike ride on the weekend. In addition, it is nice and relaxing. Do you not want to cycle every day, because your condition is not yet sufficient, or for other health reasons? Then choose an electric bicycle. With an e-bike, you do not have to provide much of your own pedalling power, which means that cycling requires less effort. Relax and be healthy!

Take a walk

Go into nature and take a walk. A forest is an ideal place where you can completely unwind. Plan a nice walking route or just walk into the forest in search of a nice path (good sense of direction is important). Walking is an ideal way to relax, you can keep your pace and enjoy the fresh air. You also move, which is good for body and soul. Every weekend, when possible more often, a walk around keeps you healthy and relaxed.